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Deputy Leader

Susan Levi-Peters was born in 1965 in Elsipotog (formerly Big Cove). She attended Bonar Law high school and manages Levi and Levi Gas Bar. She has been involved in various First Nations organizations, and was a member of the Executive of the Atlantic Policy Congress. She served as the Social Development Director for Elsipogtog, Finance Comptroller for the North Shore District Council, and Supervisor for Big Cove Works.

She has fought to preserve the St. Anne-de-Kent Hospital and promote intercultural cooperation between anglophone, Acadian and First Nations communities.

She served as chief of Elsipogtog from 2004 to 2008 and is a former band council member. She was instrumental in the signing of the Bi-lateral Agreement between First Nation communities and the Government of New Brunswick in 2007.

She is married and has four children.

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